There’s Snow Way I’m Giving Up!

Snow, that pretty white cold stuff that falls from the sky and that adds  extra magic to Christmas… But for it to be falling on Easter weekend? When I’ve planned a shoot? I don’t think so!

We all turned up at the shop this morning and it was sunny – the wind was low and we were all in high spirits as it looked as if the weather man was wrong and that the snow they had forecast had buggered off somewhere else – but we were wrong!

After Chloe did Annas’ Make -up (we decided a modern 60’s look) I put her in an amazing 60’s on trend mono-chrome dress( with modern high heels to keep it fres)h – and then Kirsty (our amazing photographer) took brave Anna out in the cold to shoot the first ensemble..Image

and the skies started to turn darker… and greyer and then it came down hard.. so hard .

At  this point we all felt deflated, not only had I a raging hangover from beer fest the night before, but I really wanted to get the outfits shot as my asos marketplace boutique needs filling up and new things so people find my stuff…

So we tried shooting under the shelter next to the shop which turned out OK…


We weren’t giving up ! We weren’t going to let a little bit of frozen water ruin our day!!

Then the snow slowed down, and then the sun came out.. and even though it was very cold, Anna was a great model and produced some fab images with Kirsty even though she had to adhere to the Asos marketplace rules (natural light, no flash and all shot portrait) .. including these showing a fab Indian cotton 70’s Hippie dress, A two piece 70’s halterneck/wrap maxi skirt ensemble and a fabulous pincord pinafore dress from the 80’s.. Anna is also wearing a pair of shoes I bought last year from Brand Alley which, even though are near on 5 inches high, were the most comfortable shoes to wear and added a touch of Blondie to almost everything I wore last year!

DSC_0084                    DSC_0109  DSC_0129

What do you think? So the moral of the story is – don’t give up!!

I will be listing these vintage goodies, along with other pretties, over the Easter break on our asos Marketplace boutique here –

Deborah x


28th March

Had an eventful day today – this morning was quite a bitch. My son was told he wasn’t allowed to wear his own clothes to school today due to bad behaviour, so he decided that if he had to wear uniform then he wasn’t going to school. After 2 whole hours of shouting, crying (mainly me) arguing and general blackmail ( the boy is defiant with a capital D) , he came downstairs in his uniform which made me feel proud that he was doing the right thing. I drove him to school as he had already missed the first lesson and as much as my nerves were frayed , I felt really proud of myself that I didn’t cave in but stood my ground. Pat on the back for me… well.  Thats what I thought until this evening my son told me he had worn his home clothes UNDER his uniform and changed when he got there. Sod.


Anyhoo – styled the shoot for Saturday for my Asos Marketplace boutique – fingers crossed it goes ahead as for the last two weeks we have been rained off – so hoping it all goes to plan. I am going for more of a 60’s feel, but including some 90’s as thats what sells on there, although I really don’t like some of the 90’s, its not really vintage to me as it only seems like yesterday that I was wearing my ad-hoc pvc trousers and tripping the light fan dango in various west end clubs. Im really really not feeling the beanies that people are wearing – and also the vile kicker and sweater shop jumpers too – they weren’t stylish the first time around! Jeez, kids nowadays!


We have got the lovely Anna modelling for us, who reminds me of a dark hair Shirley Manson.. what do you think?





And our photographer is the talented Kirsty – who I met when I put a shout out for a photographer as I couldnt get out and shoot one day – also Im not very confident with my camera… I do keep meaning to go camera club, but by the time monday evening comes ‘im usually shattered and can’t muster up the energy or enthusiam to go. Story of my life (although to be fair with all the stress Im under I have been told to “shut off” from 9 pm so to lesson the chance of a psychotic episode)


Well, I think Im going to have a think about how to do Annas hair and make-up – again, I got another talented person to do hair and make up – our Chloe – so that will be taken care of – hoorah ! Im thinking 60’s eyes maybe to go with the 60’s dresses, although Im also shooting 90’s – something to ponder about whilst in the bath!


So until tomorrow I bid you goodnight – and tomorrow is Bank Holiday for all you lucky people – Im not having a day off now until 8th of April. But hoping to go beer fest tomorrow night which is alll good !








First Blog – This is Me!!

Hello to all of you out there in cyberspace.. this is my first proper blog – so be gentle with me!



Im Deborah – and I am a single mum to a teenage boy , and Owner of Madam Popoff Vintage which is a seaside vintage shop of which I opened in August 2010. I also sell on Asos marketplace where I style the models and also take pics (sometimes) although I am lucky to have at my disposal some of the areas loveliest and talented photographers!



This is me – I wish i was a drag queen – I love shoes and never seem to have the right shoe for the outfit – I love dogs with beards – I drink real ale  – I love anything polyester and with a cape – Whenever I’m feeling sad I put on Chas and Dave and it cheers me up – I love botox,- I have a string of tosser ex boyfriends – I work too much – I have rubbish spatial awareness – and I tend to swear far too much for a laydee. Think that kinda sets the tone for the blog – also will be posting all the shoots we do and talk about them, and write about my random life! Oh, and I have a cat called Angel and my son’s behaviour is challenging, to say the least. I had a nervous breakdown back in september of 2011 (thought id get that out there quick) which has affected me quite a lot,but I find being positive and trying not to think too much about horrible things helps me a lot!

I have been single for over a year – and am a bit scarred from the last relationship as he was a bit of a tosser to say the least – so I shall be incorporating some of my single gal tales into the blog as well!

I think I’m going to do some more later when I get home – see you in court!