Havent been around for a while…..

Sorry I havent been around for a while, been up to my neck in work, stress and general life stuff!

I finally shot another shoot this weekend with Abigail, who was the model I first started working with back in the day when all I had was a wall for a back ground, and a point and shoot camera.

Heres some of the pics…




Aww – she is only 15 then too, but I sold loads back then !

Fast forward to Saturday – when I had to shoot myself. Now, as you maybe aware, I’ve been letting other photographers have a go, due to my lack of confidence and not being able to leave the shop. So the bar had been raised considerably… and also my camera had limited power due to me mislaying the charger (what a div) so it was a race against time AND the sun was really out, which was good in some ways as wasnt too cold for Abi – BUT its a bit of a pain to shoot in as I have NO idea what setting to put camera on etc. But I took my time thinking about it to the best of my ability lack of) and came up with these pics…


I liked the way everything looked – and Abi has such a 40’s look about her that it inspired me to put her in some 40s style frocks


Ossie Clark Maxi dress which always look good on Abigail!


This little suit is just so sweet – and I had to wait for ages when taking this as people kept walking past so it looked like they were coming out of her bum or head!


I like the composition of this but the settings were wrong and im crap at editing – I really must go photograph club as it will help me endlessly! The dress is to die for – a flirty vintage 1940s crepe de chine number in the most adorable floral print.


Last one before I bore you to death.. This is a cute 60’s number – and it being Monochromatic makes it on trend for spring/summer – I took the pics here as i like the way the building complement the dress..

We have also just had an amazing haul of vintage loveliness instore too – and they are all mostly plus size. Theres also a couple of fur stoles, and a vintage mink jacket, and some beautiful vintage 50s and 60s gowns.I would take pics but until I fin my charger im buggered – will try with the point and shoot !!

So thats what I been up too – apart from having severe anxiety which wakes me up nearly every evening with palpitations and keeping me awake for hours as well as affecting my daily life 😦  Don’t think it helps it was the anniversary of my Mum’s passing yesterday, which isn’t the best of days… oh well, we soldier on! And its my darling sons 15th birthday Wednesday – so going to shut up shop and play at mummy as it won’t be long when he won’t want me to.

Right – Im off – got to turn of computer and rest – although I did have a nap this afternoon – how very decadent of me – wont be able to sleep now I bet!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know you had a read and please let me know what you think ?



2 thoughts on “Havent been around for a while…..

  1. Hi I don’t think u should worry about the way u take photo’s as they are very good. You have managed to make Margate look very modern and a interesting place to be. Attractive models in vintage clothes set against a modern backdrop is a winner, well done.

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