Summer Time…

Finally we have summer! I personally love this weather.. those balmy nights when you can sit by the sea drinking with friends, and also the chance to wear lovely frocks without having to cover up!

Its been quite an eventful week, both personally and with the business.. I took a real good look at myself and realised I don’t give myself enough credit or have enough self respect for myself so have dealt with both those issues! No more fawning over guys who just ain’t that interested, and also keep telling myself just how wonderful everything I have achieved is even though I’ve had enough shit slung at me time and time again.


I shot Monica yesterday at a place I see everyday, and thought i’d give it a whirl with a few white dresses in front of it. Unfortunately my photography let me down again so I didn’t get the images I really wanted as I’m so stressed at the moment and just cant concentrate on much. Gutted. But I’m still going to list them, but just upset not producing the images Id like to. Ho Hum. I spoke to a good friend and he said i’m better off getting someone to do it for me so I’m on the lookout for a photographer who understands the difficulties of running a business and who is willing to work and not take the piss!

I was also asked to participate in a discussion at the BBC about 1976 – still waiting to hear as they wanted to do it Friday (no shop cover) and then Monday (having my tooth yanked out- cacking myself) so again Ill probably lose out due to not having enough cover. Just wish I had an investor so I could start doing what I need to do!


Anyway – have a great Thursday






Coming up in our Etsy Store

Yesterday I finally got around to shooting the lovely Monica outside so I can get some of the stunning vintage dresses I have instore online into my Etsy store.

quad collage.jpg

I am still (after 5 years) not confident with using my camera – the settings are always wrong and I every time I shoot I tell myself to go to photography school but what with running both the shop and online business, being a mum to a teen with adhd AND having a dog – I never really seem to have time to go…  hence always on the call out for photographers to shoot for me.

ossie collage

Anyway, among the items I shot was THE most gorgeous Ossie Clark maxi in a delicious Baby Peach Moss Crepe with Cream satin trim and angel sleeves – such a beautiful dress. Not only did this dress come through the doors at Popoff HQ this week, but it was accompanied by 14 other maxi length numbers, some of which I also shot yesterday including this stunning Red Disco dress

red collage.jpg

And this Baby Blue dress with stunning lace sleeves – would be perfect as an alternative wedding dress

blue collage.jpg

One more – this beauiful pleated evening dress with halterneck and statement back – one for the red carpet for sure…

black collage.jpg

These are all going to be listed over the next few days – inbetweeen myself sorting out my vintage sunglasses hut which is in Dreamland and that opened today – so hoping that goes well and helps fund my new obsession with travelling the world!

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday night!




Keepin it Cool…

New Image.jpg

Hey babes!


So, summer is finally with us and  Even though I’m a Redhead (and by the ginger law shouldn’t like this weather)  I bloody love it!

There are a few tricks I have up my sleeve though that help me cope and I thought I’d share a few with you …

In this weather Natural fibres are your best friend. On your back and on your bed, if your skin cant breathe properly you is gonna be one sweaty mess girl!  Think Silk dresses, Cotton underwear and linen jumpsuits – all of which you can find in my vintage shop!

And when you aren’t on your feet, you are on your back.. and there’s nothing nicer than a bed made with the coolest Egyptian cotton sheets. And if you also stick your hot water bottle  in the freezer for a while you have a little bit of icy heaven to cool you down!

And ALWAYS wear sunglasses. I admit I do have a sunglasses fetish. I find you can never have enough styles and colours, and not only do they add a touch of fab to an outfit, they also stop you getting wrinkly eggs and eye disease! Bonus! Im in love with the DITA sunglasses range at the moment, but my budget doesn’t stretch that far so I like to wear either vintage 70’s ones or I just pop along to Primark for copy cat ones! (then if you break them its not such a hardship!) The glasses in the pic are vintage – we have a whole lot of them for sale – and are all £10…

Also – I’m slightly addicted to Lush Silky Underwear – a coco Butter based dusting powder which is perfect to stop your thighs rubbing in this heat and under boob sweat.

And always remember your sun screen – unless you want to look like bacon when you are 50!


So enjoy the sun – in 5 months time its nearly Christmas!




We Are Nearly Six!

First of all – let me start by saying I cannot believe I haven’t blogged for 3 years! I’ve had so much going on and just have let my poor blog be neglected and unloved….

The shop is going to be SIX in August… Six years of providing you wonderful lot the best vintage frocks and fripperies! And it hasn’t been easy, trust me! What with having a major flood in the shop that wiped out loads of stock – to having a nervous breakdown and getting my son finally diagnosed with adhd after a 12 year battle – I’m  proud of myself that I’m still here in the Old Town of Margate.

Anyway – heres a few of my favourite images that have been taken by local photographers that I’ve collaborated with to get images for my online business. Not only are the models but I take pride in the fact that Margate is always featured beautifully in each and every shot.

Big thanks goes out to the following people for helping me achieve my dream and for helping me

Models – Monica, Lily, Rose, Georgia, Lucy and Anna

Photographers – Alan Langley and Nikki Darling

Big thanks to Dreamland for letting us do a shoot

And biggest thank to my sidekick and my Margate version of Bubbles (from Ab Fab) – the talented Mimi who also has her own company now Little M Clothing