We Are Nearly Six!

First of all – let me start by saying I cannot believe I haven’t blogged for 3 years! I’ve had so much going on and just have let my poor blog be neglected and unloved….

The shop is going to be SIX in August… Six years of providing you wonderful lot the best vintage frocks and fripperies! And it hasn’t been easy, trust me! What with having a major flood in the shop that wiped out loads of stock – to having a nervous breakdown and getting my son finally diagnosed with adhd after a 12 year battle – I’m  proud of myself that I’m still here in the Old Town of Margate.

Anyway – heres a few of my favourite images that have been taken by local photographers that I’ve collaborated with to get images for my online business. Not only are the models but I take pride in the fact that Margate is always featured beautifully in each and every shot.

Big thanks goes out to the following people for helping me achieve my dream and for helping me

Models – Monica, Lily, Rose, Georgia, Lucy and Anna

Photographers – Alan Langley and Nikki Darling

Big thanks to Dreamland for letting us do a shoot

And biggest thank to my sidekick and my Margate version of Bubbles (from Ab Fab) – the talented Mimi who also has her own company now Little M Clothing



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