Keepin it Cool…

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Hey babes!


So, summer is finally with us and  Even though I’m a Redhead (and by the ginger law shouldn’t like this weather)  I bloody love it!

There are a few tricks I have up my sleeve though that help me cope and I thought I’d share a few with you …

In this weather Natural fibres are your best friend. On your back and on your bed, if your skin cant breathe properly you is gonna be one sweaty mess girl!  Think Silk dresses, Cotton underwear and linen jumpsuits – all of which you can find in my vintage shop!

And when you aren’t on your feet, you are on your back.. and there’s nothing nicer than a bed made with the coolest Egyptian cotton sheets. And if you also stick your hot water bottle  in the freezer for a while you have a little bit of icy heaven to cool you down!

And ALWAYS wear sunglasses. I admit I do have a sunglasses fetish. I find you can never have enough styles and colours, and not only do they add a touch of fab to an outfit, they also stop you getting wrinkly eggs and eye disease! Bonus! Im in love with the DITA sunglasses range at the moment, but my budget doesn’t stretch that far so I like to wear either vintage 70’s ones or I just pop along to Primark for copy cat ones! (then if you break them its not such a hardship!) The glasses in the pic are vintage – we have a whole lot of them for sale – and are all £10…

Also – I’m slightly addicted to Lush Silky Underwear – a coco Butter based dusting powder which is perfect to stop your thighs rubbing in this heat and under boob sweat.

And always remember your sun screen – unless you want to look like bacon when you are 50!


So enjoy the sun – in 5 months time its nearly Christmas!





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