Summer Time…

Finally we have summer! I personally love this weather.. those balmy nights when you can sit by the sea drinking with friends, and also the chance to wear lovely frocks without having to cover up!

Its been quite an eventful week, both personally and with the business.. I took a real good look at myself and realised I don’t give myself enough credit or have enough self respect for myself so have dealt with both those issues! No more fawning over guys who just ain’t that interested, and also keep telling myself just how wonderful everything I have achieved is even though I’ve had enough shit slung at me time and time again.


I shot Monica yesterday at a place I see everyday, and thought i’d give it a whirl with a few white dresses in front of it. Unfortunately my photography let me down again so I didn’t get the images I really wanted as I’m so stressed at the moment and just cant concentrate on much. Gutted. But I’m still going to list them, but just upset not producing the images Id like to. Ho Hum. I spoke to a good friend and he said i’m better off getting someone to do it for me so I’m on the lookout for a photographer who understands the difficulties of running a business and who is willing to work and not take the piss!

I was also asked to participate in a discussion at the BBC about 1976 – still waiting to hear as they wanted to do it Friday (no shop cover) and then Monday (having my tooth yanked out- cacking myself) so again Ill probably lose out due to not having enough cover. Just wish I had an investor so I could start doing what I need to do!


Anyway – have a great Thursday






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