Margate Pride

my rock

I’m so excited that Margate is going to have it’s own Pride again next weekend. I really feel its an important event as its a time for people to be able to be out and not have to hide and also for Margate to celebrate diversity. There’s still a big stigma about homosexuality, just look at some of the vile reactions to the possibility that the HIV drug PrEp will be readily available on the NHS for people. Straight away homophobic and disgusting comments appeared in the media, proving that people still aren’t educated enough and that there’s still a lot of hostility out there towards humans whose sexuality isn’t heterosexual.

Anyway , there’s lots going on in Margate next week, Pride will be taking place over by the clock tower, and there’s lot of shops and businesses also partaking in the event, I’m having a pop up salon as provided by Solarium Point, and also Mimi from Little M clothing  is exhibiting her art work in an exhibition called Porno! expect lots of gay icons, willies, sequins and glitter! we will also be selling things off to raise funds for Stonewall , who are an amazing charity.

In the evening Sink the Pink are hosting a wonderful evening called Cockles and Muscles in the wonderful Dreamland amusement park. Expect all the usual fun and frolics from the gang, and there’s also 90’s Legend Living Joy performing their top tunes including dreamer…  so exciting.. I need to decide on my costume!

So put next Saturday in your diaries and dig out your sequins, glitter and feathers- its going to be a great day… and you also have all the shops, bars and restaurants of Margate to peruse!







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