Part four

Im back after a hiatus of a few weeks… so hello!

Where were we? Oh yes.Its 2002 –   Ive just moved into a two bedroom new build just down the road from the tower block. And I couldnt be happier.. James is able to play out the front with all the children ( and swing off lamposts/ get stuck up trees etc) and my neighbours are nice enough. No more worrying about having to drag a pushchair and shopping up 8 flights of stairs when the lifts werent working and dodging piss in the lift. Not only that but we get our first pet, a tabby cat called Scooterboy. He was a little kitten when we got him and he was so cute ( he decided he’d had enough and moved in with the lady next door after a few years haha)


I was still going to jumbles for my fashion fix and also accummulating a vast amount of clothes, and used to go to one close to the house of which was held every couple of months. I had just got a credit card, from which I had slowly built my credit… and I was able to buy a computer with it –  I was at college by then doing another Pre degree in art and design due to the crap portfolio so could warrant buying it for that.  I also bought a digital sony camera on the never never through the catalogue so was able to use that for my course as I decided to do my final project on fashion photography which is a great love of mine. I passed the course with a merit and an A level in art..

Anyway.. around this time there was a site called Friends reunited..and i got online with good old dial up indoors and started catching up with old mates online … One of them was a mate who I  started seeing a lot ( not in that way) and after Id had quite a fruitful haul at a jumble he suggested I go onto a site called eBay and list my stuff on there. So I did. The first thing I listed on there was a pair of Levis buckle back 201s that i bought for the pricely sum of 30p… and i sold them on eBay for £50. I was amazed and this was the start of my business! Been selling for over 13 years now, but back then I also sold nearly new stuff, designer stuff.. what ever I knew I could turn a pretty profit around on, and, thanks to being proper skint for most my life, had a bloody good eye for things! Not only that but Ihave been blessed with long arms, perfect for grabbing things at jumble sale!

So through the next few years i was going to charity shops each day, either with friends or on the bus ( I hadnt learnt to drive then) as well as bringing up a child who was so obviously adhd yet the doctors would rebuff me and make me feel like it was all my fault.. Trust me when I say it hasnt been easy! But then I guess Im stronger than I think I am. And  life was going to get a lot more trying throughout the next few years…


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