Hi! I’m Deborah, and I have been selling vintage for 16 years now. I had my son in 1998 and due to being a single parent and having no money, yet having a passion for fashion – I attended local jumble sales to get not only my son’s clothes but also my fashion fix, be it vintage or modern.

After a few years I realised that I had accumulated a vast collection of vintage that I had bought just because I loved it (even if it didn’t fit!). Then a friend suggested I stick some on an online auction site. So I listed a pair of vintage Levis 201s that I paid 30p for.. I got £50 in return! This helped start Madam Popoff Vintage..

After seven years of online trading I had moved to the Kent coast. One day I came across a lovely shop in the Old Town area of Margate where I met a sweet girl who needed someone to sublet the shop. I pondered for a split second and decided to go for it and voilà! 6 years later – Madam Popoff Vintage is still trading in Margate!

I love all clothes. I really do! I love the way a girl can make a statement without opening her mouth! I love the way clothes can tell the people around you who you are, and the way they can tell an outrageous lie. I love the way clothes can disguise the worst in us, and also bring out the best.

I love to juxtaposition items together, things that on paper would not go together, yet strangely work when thrown on. I like to mix decades, styles, fabrics. .. Party dresses with brogues, trashy jumpsuits with glam faux fur capes..etc. I’m also lucky to be based by the sea so I take advantage of this by shooting a lot of our photos with our wonderful seaside town of Margate as the backdrop.

People are always asking me where I source my goods – well, I am now lucky enough to have started building up a list of contacts who bring in lots of beautiful vintage from which I cherry pick the prettiest or sassiest to find new homes for! My favourite vintage designs come from the 60′s and 70′s – especially Ossie Clark, but I’ve also found amazing things from the British chain stores of the time too.I love glamorous, sexy, stylish clothes and believe that fashion should be fun!! I also pride myself in hand picking the lovelies that are sold on Etsy as well as in our real life store – no “bought by the carton load” vintage here!


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